Product Size 1200*210*1000mm
Material Structure 304 stainless steel, toughened glass, acrylic
Channel width 600-900 mm
Outer Box 1.5 mm
Driver Motor DC 24V Brushless motor, no noise
Direction of Traffic one-way traffic/two-way traffic 35-40 People/minute
Opening Mode ID/IC card reader varification, infrared induction autometic opening, button opening etc.
Working environment Indoor and outdoor (canopy is better)
Switch-on Signal Dry Contact Signal
Protection Function encoder limit, electromechanical anti-collision, infrared anti-pinch, illegal instrusion infrared alarm
Life 9 million times
Power 40-60 W
Applicable Temperature -20-75 C
Advantage: 1. SUS304 Stainless Steel Wire Drawing
2. Angle collision avoidance;
3. Current anti-clamping;
4. With voice prompt function;
5. Infrared alarm for illegal intrusion;
6. Reverse alarm when switching on the card and opening the brake;
7. Digital positioning and collision avoidance design of encoder
8. Encoder adopts imported electrical components, which has better shock resistance, vibration resistance and stability of output pulse signal.
9. Domestic first-line brand motor
10. Domestic first-line brand infrared, high light resistance: limit light resistance 100,000 LUX, light resistance angle 6 C