Face capacity 1000
Card capacity 5000
Fingerprint capacity 5000
Password capacity 5000
Max Access log 3,00,000
Management log 10000
identify mode Face, Fingerprint, card, password and combinations
Display Language English
LED 1 (Red-Green dual color)
Recognition mode Face, Finger, Pin, Card
Control mode Semi-automatic/ automatic/ manual
Access mode Single/ bi- direction
Communication interface Rs485, TCP/IP, P2P, Web, 4G (Optional)
Mode of access control Professional pattern, wiegand and output, anti - sneak, anti - trailing
Access speed 30person/ min
Working environment Indoor and outdoor (canopy is better)
Power Ac 220V/ AC 110 V (optional)
Temprature of working -15°c -75°c environment
Relative humidity Less than 95%, non-condenation
Size 1200*280*960mm
Unlock time 0.2s
Pass width 550mm
Input 100V ~ 240V
Driving voltage 24v
Environment -25 ~+ 70°c
Power consumption 30w