Appearance size (mm) 1200*300*980; Packaging size (mm): 1220*310*1000 Wing door width 265 mm; Channel width: 550 mm
Box thickness full thickness 1.0mm
Equipment material composition stainless steel, acrylic; door wing material can be customized
Configuration of core standard wing gate core, with brush DC 24V
Direction of traffic one-way/two-way traffic
Opening mode ID/IC card reader verification, infrared induction automatic opening, button opening, etc.
Switch-on Signal Dry Contact Signal
Speed 30-40 people per minute
Protection function infrared anti-clip, illegal intrusion infrared alarm (domestic first-line brand, used outside the city)
Protection Level IP32 or above
Customizable functions face recognition, fingerprint, two-dimensional code, manual button, remote switch, etc.
Working environment indoor and outdoor (with canopy outside)
Working temperature - 20 C ~ 70 C; Relative humidity: less than 95%, no condensation.